6 Tasks to Get Ready for Spring Home Maintenance

We all realize that with each season comes maintenance. These tasks and/or actions require our personal attention or hiring someone to do them. People who think it’s easier to skip certain tasks are making a short-term fix. This can lead to more expenses and/or hassles down the road. As Spring is coming in a few weeks, it was a good idea to go over some of the tasks that should be done at this time of year. Here are six Spring Maintenance Tasks.

1. Take a look around your house. Take a look at how your home has held up to winter. You might be surprised at the glaring problems that may have occurred. You should consider things like your grounds, trees and windows, concrete, blacktop, painting, and air conditioning. You can make a list of these items and address them!

2. Power washing:Power washing exposes and also heals many issues! Power wash concrete, blacktop decks, roofs, sides, and sides of your house. Next, re-examine the house and notice if there are any issues that you didn’t see before.

3. Grounds, gardens and planting: How did your grounds fare? Did you experience soil erosion that now calls for top soil? It’s a great opportunity to fertilize, mulch, and lime your garden! Learn when to plant certain flowers and what the differences are between annuals and perennials. What can you do to improve the appearance and functionality of your flower beds? Do you intend to keep the same planting plan as last year? Or will you make changes and/or adaptations?

4. Leaders and gutters: How did your leaders and gutters hold up to winter? Are there leaks, cracks or other areas that need to be fixed? Are they clear of debris such as leaves and twigs? Do you think you could benefit from a system that reduces the seasonal chore? Are you ready to evaluate it and decide if it is worth it? Are your gutters and leaders directing water away?

5. Leaf Removal: Most people view leaf removal as an autumn chore. Invariably, however, more leaves will accumulate, either because they fell after your last cleanup or because they were blown by neighbor’s leaves. This is something you need to take care of so that your lawn and garden are beautiful. You should know when your lawn needs to be seeded and which type of seed is best for your property.

6. Check your AC’s:Don’t wait for it to get hot to turn on your air conditioners only to find out that they aren’t doing their job properly. Make sure to clean and/or replace filters. If your system is central or ductless, make sure you are prepared. You will be happy you did.

These steps are often overlooked by homeowners, which can lead to bigger and more costly problems. Your house will be more pleasant if you do your chores.

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