Frugal Mom’s Guide To Once a Month Cooking Review

Are you able to cook the family dinner tonight? Are you a solitary person who walks into the kitchen, wondering what to make and feeling overwhelmed? Because their lives are so busy, this is what many people feel. They think about the last meal of the day, and then it’s time to get ready for the next one.

This is the most difficult part. Now comes the biggest challenge. Will you cook a delicious healthy meal that will take you another hour? Or will you choose to eat a quick packet meal or call for delivery?

There is a way. This isn’t something you can do for tonight, but it will work for the next month. Candace Anderson, a lady from California, is the author of “Frugal Mom’s Guide to Once A Month Cooking.” The plan is to spend one day per month cooking and then prepare for the next 30.

It doesn’t sound daunting. She explains everything clearly and step-by-step. She not only gives you over 70 recipes, but also guides you through the entire process from the grocery list to freezer labeling. You will learn how to save money and time. You can teach your children how to save money and be productive if they are old enough to help you in the kitchen.

Imagine not worrying about dinner every month. You can simply look at your list in your freezer for the day’s take-out and be done.

One more thing is unique to many menu plans. How many times have your bought a gorgeous cookbook and only found half of the ingredients that you don’t know anything about? These recipes include ingredients for both you and I. These recipes are easy to find at your local grocery store, and they’re affordable for the ‘frugal moms. This is a huge bonus. You won’t spend your shopping day searching for ingredients that don’t exist.

This is the best meal plan I’ve ever followed. Having ready-to-cook meals in the freezer is very comforting. It is possible to solve the every-night challenge of finding a healthy recipe.

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