4 Essential Pieces of Gear You Need to Get Started in Music Production

Amazingly, with all the technological advances of recent years, anyone can produce great electronic music without having to spend a lot or need for a large studio space. Learn how to make music quickly by reading the four essential pieces of gear.

Some music producers are more inclined to invest in outboard gear (including effects processors) than others. On the other hand, there are people who make amazing music using only software (soft synths, etc.). You can even see hardware and software inter-acting side-by side in a hybrid approach.

After many years of creating electronic music and testing, reviewing, and reading about various gear in a live setting, I can tell you that these 4 items are essentials when looking for a starting point in the world of digital music production.

1. Laptop: It should be the most recent technology. A SSD internal hard drive can also be used to speed up sample heavy projects. It is up to you which OS you prefer, but MacBook Pro’s are most popular.

2. Referential quality headphones: It is essential that you get a true representation of the sounds that you make so that your mixdowns translate well across all sound systems including home stereo systems and club PA’s. The AKG 701 and 702 headphones are highly recommended by major dance music producers.

3. Studio monitors: In the same vein with the headphones, it is important to ensure that your speakers/monitors are accurate. You should consider a pair with bass drivers between 5 and 8 inches depending on how big your space is. This will allow you to hear the low frequencies in your music. High quality entry-level monitors are made by Dynaudio and Yamaha.

4. MIDI controller: As a human, it is not optimal to rely on a mouse to click and input drum patterns or melodies into projects. A MIDI controller allows you to automate parts of your tracks and create variations. This will keep your listeners engaged. The Ableton Push device, which is not designed for pianists or those with limited knowledge of music theory, is essential. This device will serve as the central hub and control system for all things in your studio.

These are the four essential gear items that will allow you to produce music. These are your starting point and will help you get the most from a software or ‘in-the box’ production environment.

After you’ve got your gear and your space set up, it’s time to start writing. You may also need ideas on how you can make your own song . Although there are many resources online, it is important to create an environment that inspires and relaxes you.

HOT TIP: If you don’t have the funds or finances to purchase your gear, consider looking at second-hand markets like Gumtree and eBay. Depending on your budget, you can choose to buy new or used items on eBay.

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