Here are the Top 7 Frugal Kitchen Decorating Ideas

These 7 inexpensive kitchen decorating ideas will help you renovate or remodel your kitchen.

Let’s begin with an assessment type wishlist. You and a significant other should find a time that is comfortable for you to sit down with paper and pencil. Write down any characteristics that are not liked or obsolete.

Next, decide what is the most important. Next, prioritize what is most important.

It’s now time to match your needs to these 7 frugal kitchen renovation ideas. Even if only one or two of your long-list of improvements is possible, these frugal kitchen decorating tips will make a big difference in updating the space’s look and feel.

1. You don’t need to replace all your kitchen cabinets. There are two relatively affordable improvements you can make to your kitchen cabinets. You can paint the cabinets or add new hardware like knobs, handles and pulls if you have a tight budget. This will give the cabinets a modern, brighter look.

For a rustic kitchen, you might consider a decorative finish like a glaze or faux aged look. Re-facing is an option if painting is not your thing. A contractor is recommended for this type of redecorating job. This is true, it’s more expensive than painting, but far less than tearing out all of the kitchen cabinets and replacing them.

2. Instead of ripping up an old vinyl floor, you can use sticky-backed floor tiles. Instead of placing the tiles side-by-side, use grout and spacers to give them a sophisticated look. Although grout-compatible tiles will be slightly more expensive than regular floor tiles the final look is well worth it. If you make the right choice, people will be impressed by your marble tiled floors.

3. A quick way to make a room look new is to paint a wall a different color. Consider adding an accent wall to your breakfast nook, so you don’t have to stick with one color in every room. You might consider a chalkboard wall, which can come in many colors to make communication easy and continuous. You can finish the walls by adding new trim and fixture plates.

4 Mix the new paint color with a tiled backsplash on your wall. You can find plenty of online help to improve your skills in this area. It is easy and fast. You can budget according to the differences in tile prices from manufacturer to manufacturer. To do the job correctly, you will need an electric tile cutter. These can be rented from your local home supply store. You don’t have to stick with traditional ceramic or glass tiles. They also come in stainless steel, wood, and even grease-resistant wallpaper.

5 Take out the old, tattered faucet and sink and replace them by newer models. The price of a sink and faucet can be as low as $50 or as high as $750. You will be able to find the right price for your style and budget. It’s not as hard as you might think to replace a sink. It’s amazing to see how much information you can find online.

6. Remember the windows. Older or dusty window treatments can make a kitchen look worse than any other feature. It might be time to replace your cafe curtains with shutters and shades. Shades will need to be ordered custom, but shutters can be purchased in a variety of ready-to-hang shades that can be cut to your specifications upon purchase.

7. This idea isn’t so much about a physical makeover as it is about giving your home a fresh, clean look through de-cluttering. It is easy for the kitchen become the hub for all small kitchen appliances. This can sabotage the fresh, new updates that you desire.

Interior design’s golden rule is to use less. Keep small appliances to a minimum. Only keep the appliances you use every day on top. The rest can be stored in a pantry. To add visual interest, you can combine 3 items of bright colors with the kitchen’s existing color scheme. You could use brightly colored bottles or canisters. No matter what your preference, clutter is not something you should tolerate. Pick items carefully and avoid creating piles.

There are many people who find themselves in a pinch these days. However, you don’t need to stop all your kitchen decorating projects. Even one of these simple kitchen decorating ideas can make a big difference in the appearance of your important space for food preparation.

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