The Current Consumer Consciousness and Tracking Fashion Trends

Fashion is a reflection on a person’s changing values and attitudes. If it is adopted and seen by others, a personal style statement can become fashionable. It should be attractive enough to be copied by others. Trend refers to a particular group of product preferences within a customer group. Fashion trends are generally followed by people because they lack confidence, interest, hesitation, or the time to try something new.


* Fashion is not determined by price
Fashion changes every day
* A style is considered fashionable when it is accepted by the majority.
* Fashion promotions don’t directly influence the popularity of any type of fashion
* Fashion is not complete without excess

These features have led to a variety of theories about how fashion is interpreted in social environments. These theories include:

1. Trickle-Down theory, or Downward-flow Theory
2. Trickle – Up theory or Upward-Flow theory
3. Trickle-Across theory or Horizontal-Flow theory

Understanding the changing Consumer Fashion Trends

Fashion designers noticed that customers are most drawn to unique colors and styles. It is also important to choose a specific theme. They express their individuality and creativity through unique color combinations. In these economically unstable times, they are looking for comforting colors. Customers also prefer innovative textures, patterns, and draping styles.

Bright colors are used to enhance the spirit and even out skin tones. The individual’s personality is enhanced by color. Customers are more conscious of how they look. Customers now go to shopping malls regularly or visit fashion websites to see the latest arrivals. They are looking for the best quality products at the lowest prices. They will spend more if they are attracted to a product that fulfills their needs.

Designers also respond to changing customer preferences by designing unique and eye-catching dressing materials. They also study the consumer behaviour and predict the future fashion trends. They then design the new collection to delight their customers

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