There are 10 Amazing Health Benefits to Being in Nature

It can be difficult to live a full life.

It can cause you to feel like you’re in a coma.

Are You Right?

My blog is all about living the best life possible and being the best version of yourself. I am blessed with an effervescent personality. I can even seem a bit Pollyanna-ish. I believe in the power and potential of our thoughts to bring us happiness and joy. All of us have the ability to truly be happy.

Sometimes, our everyday circumstances and life can cause us to feel stifled and pushed back. Even my calm and sunny self can be challenged. It is important to dig deep in these difficult and challenging times and find the inner strength and wisdom that we have. Your inner wisdom, peace, light, and peace will guide you through the many trials in your life. We can navigate through negative emotions and mental fatigue with inner strength.

No matter what religion you practice, one cannot step outside and feel the beauty and power of nature. Reconnecting to nature’s grandeur and beauty can transform and heal.

Science is beginning to support the claim, and showing the health benefits of being outdoors.

Mother Nature can heal.

{So dear friends, if life has somehow sucker punched you…It happens Let me share how nature if you let it, can help to heal and strengthen you.|Dear friends, if life has somehow sucked you …It can happen Let me tell you how nature, if you allow it to, can heal and strengthen. Nature can help you feel more balanced and lighter, as well as provide many health benefits.

“I go to nature to feel soothed and healed and to have all my senses reconnected” – John Burroughs

“Nature is the best doctor” – Hippocrates

For years, wise men have advised that it is important to communicate with nature in order to reap the benefits and power of the relationship.

Let me first share the spiritual benefits of being outdoors with you.

  1. Walking in nature can improve your memory, and has many cognitive benefits. Although physical activity is generally good, one University of Michigan study found that participants who completed a memory test in the outdoors and then went for a walk in the city performed 20% better than those who did the same thing in the urban setting.
  2. Be Happy Research shows that even just 15 minutes outside can make a big difference in your mood.
  3. Nature can heal: One study found that people who were exposed to more natural light had a faster recovery from spinal surgery. They also used fewer pain medication.
  4. Improve Concentration: Taking a break in nature can help improve concentration and give your brain a much-needed rest. Let go of your smartphone and allow your brain to unwind from the constant stimulation that modern life brings.
  5. Exercise outside can help with weight loss. Although being outside is not a magic cure all, it does make exercising more enjoyable. You may also lose weight by taking part in outdoor activities like hiking. Higher altitudes can increase your metabolism and decrease your appetite.
  6. Vitamin D is a Vital Component of Your Body. Spending time in the Sun can help your body make vitamin D, a vitamin that has been shown to prevent heart attacks, osteoporosis and cancer.
  7. Reduces Stress Levels: Being in nature, even in your own backyard, can help reduce stress levels. Research shows that spending time outside can reduce your heart rate, which is a sign of stress reduction.
  8. Helps you Age Gracefully:Wanting to age gracefully? Getting outside every day and enjoying the fresh air may be the key to aging gracefully. A recent study found that 70-year old participants who went outside daily had less complaints of common aging pains, such as aching bones and muscle tension, at the age of 77.
  9. Enhances your Immune System: A Japanese study found that women who spent six hours in woods for two days had higher white blood cell counts, which are responsible for fighting viruses. The boost lasted approximately a week.
  10. Improve Mental Health: As you can see, Mother Nature has many healing powers. This includes your mental health. Numerous studies have shown that nature walks are associated with better mental health. If you feel stuck in a funk, nature walks can help you get out of it. Get out in nature to enjoy the sunshine and a boost to your mood.

You can see that being outdoors and in nature has many health benefits. Scientists will continue to investigate the science of human-nature relationships and I believe we will see more research that shows the many health benefits nature offers.

*Source Selective Health Article

Humans have strong connections to nature. You can almost feel the pull of nature if you slow down. Every time I step out, in my yard or in a parking lot I feel the heat of the sun or the coolness of my skin. If I really pay attention, I can feel the power and grandeur in that moment.

It is worth quantifying this.

If you feel broken or need to gain perspective, go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature.

You can leave your phone, children, and the world behind and just go.

You should find a peaceful spot that speaks to you. If you’re lucky enough to have mountains or preserves near your location, go there!

You can also go to your backyard or local park, as long as it is outside!

I love going outside to meditate.

Relax and take a deep breath.

Breathe, sit down, and feel the air on the skin, the sun, the earth below you. Be present in the moment. Here’s the magic part …. You can feel and express gratitude for everything you touch or feel. Even the smallest, most insignificant things can lift your spirits and help you to see the good in others. Feelings of gratitude and love can help you heal from your past hurts and bring peace and love into your life. While it won’t “fix” the problem, it can help you change how you feel about it. The question is how can you maintain and keep those feelings of peace and inner peace after feeling calm and centered in nature? It is possible to find simple and easy ways to bring more nature into your daily life, so that you can feel the power and positive effects of nature in your daily life.

These are simple and easy ways to bring more nature into your everyday life.

  • Beautiful indoor plants- Find hearty ones!
  • Use natural elements to decorate! Save your seashells and bring home pine cones from your hike in the woods. Get creative.
  • Sea Salts are amazing for detoxification.
  • Soaps and other personal care products infused with natural ingredients can be used
  • Plan a garden
  • You can take a long or short walk each day in the woods.
  • Try Forest Bathing
  • Outdoors: Take some time to enjoy
  • Outdoor activities are a great way to have fun
  • Every day, spend time earthing or grounding

To fully experience the beauty and benefits of nature, we all need to spend time in it on a daily basis. It is magical to spend time each day connecting to nature. It will not only calm our souls, invoke positive emotions, but also help our bodies function at their best. Nature has the ability to heal.

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